HotDamn! Pass the Pepper Can!

Anchors of Ascension is a high energy melodic instrumental rock, bass and drum duo. While incorporating blues and jazz roots they are neither, being described as, 

"A freight train with finesse !"

 "Jazz on crack." 

 "Upbeat Pink Floyd."

 Martin Burns, of the Dutch Progressive Rock Page says, 

"Anchors of Ascension have a fiercely independent sound, using their instruments to create songs that are neither blues nor jazz-driven. They evoke the emotion of both these genres, whilst producing adventurous and complex rock music." He declares the duo's debut Hotdamn! Pass the Pepper Can!  "A terrific Ep of instrumentals that feature playing of the highest standard. If you want to hear something a bit different and adventurous, that will not outstay its welcome, then look no further. 8 out of 10."        
Anchors of Ascension singles, HotDamn! And Shuck n Jive can currently be heard on the web and in the Portland OR area on KMUZ 88.5FM and 100.7FM's, Local Roots Show, and will appear on the stations 2014 compilation CD. The duo recently recorded a live set at the Alberta St Pub for broadcast on KMUZ, and CCTV, filmed a thirty minute set which can be seen by clicking the YouTube icon. On April 11th they appeared at the Local Roots Music Feastival in Salem, OR.

"Willi Jaam plays his bass guitar as a lead/rhythm instrument" Alan Taylor, Pipeline Magazine.

"A bass guitar sound that growls, moans, slides and wah-wahs in inventive ways, that are fresh and interesting. Who knew a bass guitar could sound so, well, wonderfully weird?" Martin Burns, the Dutch Progressive Rock Page.

Drummer Casey "Da Quadruped" McBride, has toured the West Coast and is a sought after sideman, recently sitting in on recording sessions for the films Spreading Darkness, and Russian River:All Rivers, with producer John Neff (Journey, David Lynch, Walter Becker and Donald Fagen).

Casey can currently be heard on the KMUZ Local Roots show playing drums for Christie Josef, Kelly Brightwell, and James Faretheewell; as well as many live performances through out the Pacific Northwest with the Irish group, Castletown.

In 2014, Casey's solo drum videos, Da' Hitch in Yer' Giddyup!, and Da' Quadruped vs. His Shadow! were shown at the Clinton St Theater, in Portland Or. 

Ladies and Gentlemen, Da' Rhythm Commission is in session!  We present to you Anchors of Ascension!

Click on the YouTube icon below to view Anchors live on CCTV, Da' Hitch in Yer' Giddy Up, Hotdamn!, Black Sunday and Da' Quadruped vs His Shadow! videos.

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